• The Coal-to-Gas Fuel Switching and its Effects on Housing Prices
    Nathaly Rivera
    Scott Loveridge
  • Contests for Shares of an Uncertain Resource
    Cary Deck
    Lance Howe
    Matthew Reimer
    Jonathan Alevy
    Kyle Borash


  • Co-enforcement of Common Pool Resources: Experimental Evidence from TURFs in Chile
    Carlos A. Chávez
    James J. Murphy
    John K. Stranlund
  • Lying and Shirking Under Oath
    Nicolas Jacquemet
    Alexander James
    Stéphane Luchini
    James J Murphy
    Jason F. Shogren
  • Geography, Geology, and Regional Economic Development
    Kevin Berry
    Alexander James
    Brock Smith
    Brett Watson
  • Oil, Politics, and Corrupt Bastards
    Alexander James
    Nathaly M. Rivera
  • Is Mining an Environmental Disamenity? Evidence from Resource Extraction Site Openings
    Nathaly M. Rivera
  • Air Quality Warnings and Temporary Driving Bans: Evidence from Air Pollution, Car Trips, and Mass-Transit Ridership in Santiago
    Nathaly M. Rivera
  • Do Appeals to Donor Benefits Raise More Money than Appeals to Recipient Benefits? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment with Pick.Click.Give.
    John List
    James Murphy
    Michael Price
    Alexander James



  • Household Composition and Gender Differences in Parental Time Investments
    Andrew Bibler
  • Corporate Apology for Environmental Damage
    Ben Gilbert
    Alexander James
    Jason Shogren
  • The (Uneven) Spatial Distribution of the Bakken Oil Boom
    Johanna Richter
    Alliana Salanguit
    Alexander James
  • Who Benefits From an Oil Boom? Evidence From a Unique Alaskan Data Set
    Mouhcine Guettabi
    Alexander James





  • A Classroom Financial Market Experiment.
    Jonathan E. Alevy
    Paul Johnson
  • Gender- and Frame-specific Audience Effects in Dictator Games.
    Jonathan E. Alevy
    Francis L. Jeffries
    Yonggang Lu
  • Unraveling the Multiple Margins of Rent Generation from Individual Transferable Quotas.
    Matthew N. Reimer
    Joshua K. Abbot
    James E. Wilen


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    Published Version: Ecology and Society 20(1):68, 2015.
    Todd Cherry
    E. Lance Howe
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  • Preferences for Government Enforcement of a Common Pool Harvest Quota: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Fishing Communities in Colombia.
    Maria Alejandra Velez
    John K. Stranlund
    James J. Murphy
  • Behavioral Foundations of Environmental Economics and Valuation.
    John K. Horowitz
    Kenneth E. McConnell
    James J. Murphy
  • Institutional Heterogeneity in Social Dilemma Games: A Bayesian Examination.
    Klaus Moeltner
    James J. Murphy
    John K. Stranlund
    Maria Alejandra Velez
  • Does Government Regulation Complement Existing Community Efforts to Support Cooperation? Evidence from Field Experiments in Colombia.
    Maria Claudia Lopez
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    John M. Spraggon
    John K. Stranlund
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    Published version: Handbook on Experimental Economics and the Environment. John A. List and Michael K. Price, editors. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.
    John K. Stranlund
    James J. Murphy
    John M. Spraggon
  • Advice and Fictive Learning: The Pricing of Assets in the Laboratory.
    Jonathan E. Alevy
    Michael K. Price